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Lexington, KY April 13th, 2012

MobileX Lexington Presents: Sean Shadmand

Sean Shadmand, president and co-founder of Socialize, Inc., will bring his expertise to the MobileX Lexington Conference on April 13th to address the challenges of a multi-device technological world.

In today's online marketplace Sean Shadmand says widespread use of multi-device technology will affect the way businesses and web operators should interact with their users. At MobileX Lexington Sean hopes to expose the difficulties and solutions of a multi-device world and bring awareness to the changing environment.

"We, as a technology driven group of users and businesses, have finally gotten comfortable with understanding how to navigate a user from our email, to Facebook, to our site and backtracking systems, API and social networks are plentiful. But, all that we know was learned in the singular-device world of the past."

Sean ShadmandIn his MobileX presentation, ''The Loop': How You're Losing Customers,' Shadmand will explain how the new viral loop in a multi-device world will work and which technological platforms and devices are best suited to tackle the right problems.

Dubbed a "strategic genius" by the Washington Post, Shadmand is currently the president and co-founder of the Socialize, Inc., which operates as a consulting and software development company that develops mobile websites and applications for businesses worldwide. However, Shadmand is no newbie to start-up businesses and mobile entrepreneurship.

Shadmand began his career in start-ups working with one of the largest social networks in the world,, in its early stages. Shortly thereafter, he created an online recipe site dedicated to his mother,

In 2008, Shadmand co-founded PointAbout, Inc., a mobile consulting firm based out of Washington DC that specializes in IPhone and Android based development, and in 2010 he was the visionary behind AppMakr, a do-it-yourself platform that allows users to create their own native apps and sell them in the App Store.

Shadmand has also appeared on Bloomberg TV as a guest expert and has been featured in The Washington Post, Wired, ABC News, Entrepreneur Magazine, FastCompany and TechCrunch.

Previous presenter and co-founder at Socialize, Inc., Daniel Odio, introduced Shadmand to the success of the MobileX team and its events. Shadmand says, "I am excited to participate in its success, and to share knowledge gained from our tribes and tribulations as we grew as contenders in the mobile space."


MobileX Lexington Highlights from Karim

By Karim Varela

Last week, I had the honor of attending, and speaking at, the Mobilex conference in Lexington, KY. This 1 day conference brought together mobile enthusiasts of all types: entrepreneurs, investors, developers, and other related industry professionals.

Being a technologist, and since my talk was a technical one, I spent most of my time in the developer track, but I did manage to breach the entrepreneur track a little bit as well. Some of the highlights of the event included:

  • Keynote with Brian Wong: Brian is the founder of, a mobile in-game advertising system and is the youngest entrepreneur to ever get VC funding at 19.

  • My talk on tablets and cross-platform strategies: I can't help but give a shout out to myself.

  • Mavia: A device and and app that connects you intimately with your car.

Overall, the conference was a huge success, and a sellout. It's great to see this kind of innovation going on in mobile in this part of the country, no offense to my southern compatriots!


MobileX Speaker Profile #3: Krista Neher

By Katharine Sagan

Krista Neher is an author, educator, international speaker and consultant, and apparently very efficient at time management. She is the CEO of Boot Camp Digital, which trains companies to use social media for digital marketing. She wrote a bestselling book, Social Media Field Guide, and is the Managing Director of the Institute for Social Media at Cincinnati State. And in her spare time, she managed to teach her father to use text messaging.

Neher started off her career working at both Procter & Gamble and an internet start-up company, Photrade. After transitioning to solely being the VP of Marketing at Photrade, she had to get creative about how to market with almost no budget. By using Twitter and corporate blogging, they were able to compete with the larger companies with bigger marketing budgets.

After the start up was acquired in 2008, Neher started teaching others how to use social media successfully, which was the start of her company Boot Camp Digital. She developed a social media program with Procter & Gamble that is now being modeled across the country and has consulted for companies like ad:tech.

Neher will be attending the MobileX conference to speak on Mobile Marketing 101.

Twitter: @kristaneher


MobileX Speaker Profile #2: Robert Babcock

By Jessica Powers

If you’re one of the many who ardently follow apps and recent app news, you are probably familiar with Robert Babcock. Babcock is a co-host of Appcast, which is a weekly podcast that updates listeners on new app releases and the current functionality of specific apps.

Along with Kevin Chiou, the duo have created over 100 episodes in their podcasts in Appcast. Each weekly podcast is available for free. The most recent podcast was about alternate web browsers rather than the standard Safari. Babcock will be attending MobileX to discuss the iOS store and its applications.

Twitter: @theappcast


MobileX Speaker Profile #1: Sam Soffes

By Jessica Powers

What other 21 year-old transplanted San Franciscan is a developer for Scribd, a musician, a burger enthusiast, and an iOS/Rails software engineer? Sam Soffes, originally from Louisville, is all of the above and working towards more.

Soffes did not attend college and says that it was the “best decision ever.” Curiously, Steve Jobs said the same thing about college and has obviously found success in a multitude of diverse of areas. Soffes seems to be heading in the same direction with the success of a few start-up businesses and an iPhone app (“Bible”) that currently has over 8 million downloads.

As far as inspiration, he’s a regular guy: Twitter and other well-crafted apps are what give him inspiration for creativity and development. He claims that great ideas usually find him in the shower or while he is biking to work.

Soffes has produced music that is definitely worth checking out. He is part of the band Finding Chesterfield which released an EP “A Three Day Walk” in October 2010. He also has a few independent works available for free listening pleasure on his blog. As far as music influences and favorites go, his radio station ranges from Owl City and The Dangerous Summer to Ben Folds and Blink 182.

In a year or two, he plans on starting another company. One can only guess what magnificent results his next endeavor will foster, but with his previous work being of such quality, success is imminent. Soffes will be attending the MobileX conference on April 15, 2011 to present on iOS development and Native Apps.


MobileX 2011

By Jessica Powers


After several successful MobileX events, Awesome Inc is pleased to host the sixth MobileX conference in Lexington. MobileX is a one-day conference where attendees will engage with a multitude of prominent presenters, examine mobile solutions and learn technical concepts in mobile and related industries. Current and potential entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry professionals and other mobile followers are invited to attend.

MobileX will begin after breakfast with an opening keynote presentation followed by multi-track sessions. A few examples of the specific breakout sessions are: Android beginners, mobile marketing, social media and advanced technical tracks.

One of the most compelling parts of MobileX is the start up pitch contest. This is an exceptional chance for contestants to concisely advocate any start-up idea or business they may have created related to the mobile sector.

Competitors are allotted five minutes to pitch their idea to a panel of judges. Afterwards, a three-minute session of Q&A is held with the judges and if time allows, with the audience. Those competing are allowed to use slides or present a demo, but it is not deemed necessary. The judging panel will offer feedback and then the audience will vote via their mobile devices. A combination of judges and audience vote will determine the winner.

The winner will receive a 500 USD prize in PayPal cash. The competition is beneficial to all whom compete because of the constructive feedback and networking opportunities available through the experts convened at MobileX.


The mobile market is skyrocketing at momentous speed. Demand for smart devices such as the Android, iPhone and Blackberry reflect a thriving market. Developers have collectively been able to cash in on this new software delivery platform to the tune of several billion dollars in sales. At the last Apple keynote event on March 2, Steve Jobs announced a payout of two billion dollars to developers for apps sold through the iTunes app store. RIM Blackberry and Google Android devices are used by millions, as well, providing competition and an innovative pace mobile users are enjoying.

MobileX seeks to present information that will enhance overall understanding of the mobile industry. The conference will thoroughly aid in this endeavor by exploring the changes within the mobile industry itself. MobileX will also address the industries that the changes may affect directly.


MobileX will feature speakers from San Francisco, Boston, NYC, Chicago and Seattle. Among the talented queue of speakers you will hear are Lai Lau of AT&T, Brian Wong of, Nihal Mehta of buzzd, Sam Soffes of Scribd, and Praveen Alavilli from PayPalX, plus leaders in mobile marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. Topics that will be discussed include: how to make money in the mobile arena with special emphasis on apps, advertising, SMS and video. Attending MobileX will give your company invaluable insight on trends in the mobile market as well as upcoming opportunities. Information will be presented on how to integrate mobile technology into a business or launch an application. Developmental tools will also be addressed for platforms such as the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

Those interested in attending may register here.
Companies or Speakers interested in presenting may apply here.
Those interested in applying to compete in the start up pitch contest may apply here.


Awesome Inc.
348 East Main St.

Lexington, KY 40507

Friday, April 15, 2011
9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Pictures from MobileX 2010

We hope you all enjoyed the conference. Here are some pictures that we had sent in by Ed Crockett, Enjoy! You can view them all here

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Bob's thoughts on Chuck Yim's morning presentation, and pi!

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Solving Problems with SMS – Vitaliy Levit & Yury Tsukerman

SMS is more than just a text message. Within a decade there will be near global penetration of mobile media, including multiple units per person. SMS technology will be an increasingly regular platform for exchanging and acquiring information. As another platform for mobile marketing, SMS has the ability to provide nationwide and international connectivity through couponing, appointment reminders and time sensitive information, for example. One unique and important feature of SMS is that is used very little bandwidth and can function in situations when other mobile networks will not. SMS is also a business problem solution which creates increased revenue. For example - At Salon Lofts, stylists spend less time on the phone since they implemented a text message appointment and reminder system. SMS use for paid parking yielded an increase of 10% in revenue for parking fees. Simple reminders and confirmations with payments added to cell phone bills. Imagine the possibilities......


Funding a Startup, what are your options?



From left to right, Luke Murray, Michael Bowers, Adam Winters, Rick Coplin, Mark Gilicinski.
FYI: Startup Weekend Columbus REPRESENTING!
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