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Lexington, KY April 13th, 2012

Solving Problems with SMS – Vitaliy Levit & Yury Tsukerman

SMS is more than just a text message. Within a decade there will be near global penetration of mobile media, including multiple units per person. SMS technology will be an increasingly regular platform for exchanging and acquiring information. As another platform for mobile marketing, SMS has the ability to provide nationwide and international connectivity through couponing, appointment reminders and time sensitive information, for example. One unique and important feature of SMS is that is used very little bandwidth and can function in situations when other mobile networks will not. SMS is also a business problem solution which creates increased revenue. For example - At Salon Lofts, stylists spend less time on the phone since they implemented a text message appointment and reminder system. SMS use for paid parking yielded an increase of 10% in revenue for parking fees. Simple reminders and confirmations with payments added to cell phone bills. Imagine the possibilities......


Marketing Strategies for Mobile Social Media Apps – Ryan Bauer

Social Media has given rise to numerous innovative applications which link to established social networks. One example is Foursquare, a location based marketing app, which posts users location check-ins and info about locations to social networks including Twitter & Facebook. Ryan pointed out that establishments can link advertising and  promotional campaigns to these location based apps to drive traffic to their businesses. Loyalty programs and other visitor benefits can be promoted on social networks and already developed mobile marketing apps. Using coupon codes, click through rates and other measurable indicators, clients can track the penetration of their program. Opportunities exist for development of apps that create these cross-platform marketing utilities and give users real time results and business building opportunities. Contests and sweepstakes are also great ways of capturing new users and measuring consumer interest and interaction. Social media can create the interest or 'buzz' for business and then the businesses can convert interest into sales through the use of relevant mobile marketing apps.


The App Store: Apps & Trends – Bob Babcock

Yes...there is an app for that. And if there isn't, just wait a few weeks. With exponential growth and currently over 160,000 apps available, the iPhone app store has a mind boggling array of apps for every imaginable service, game, resource and more. On an average day, about 800 apps come out, including books, multiple iterations of one app and new unique offerings. Its a real challenge for new developers to set themselves apart. If you can create a marketable app, there is a considerable opportunity for creating a revenue stream from its sales. Even free apps can make money through advertising networks like Ad Mob. One amusing note - as in other areas of marketing, one can never go wrong underestimating the taste and maturity of the user audience. Example: The day after Christmas, with new iPhones and iTunes gift cards in hand, people purchase iPhone apps at record pace. The most popular app downloaded on Dec. 26? Drum roll, please--iFart. 'Nuff said.


MobileX hits Columbus

MobileX conference kicking off in Columbus with a full house of enthusiastic developers, marketers and entrepreneurs, all here to expand their knowledge in the field of mobile media and wireless technology. Keynote speaker, Charles Yim getting things going with an overview of mobile advertising & how mobile devices have become integrated into every aspect of our lives. Even in the midst of recent disasters, like the earthquake in Chile, people relied on their mobile, wireless devices for communication and information when all other networks had collapsed. Yim's company, Ad Mob, is a cross platform mobile advertising network, enabling mobile developers to integrate advertising into their applications on mobile devices, as a revenue source and a marketing tool. Amazing integration of advertising, SEO marketing, and effective advertising push for ranking and promoting mobile media apps. Inspiring and practical success story for illustrating the scope of mobile media business opportunities.


MidWest TechBiz Blogs Us!

Wonderful words from Rick Coplin of TechColumbus at the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center!

From the blog Post: Columbus is the first to experience Awesome Inc.'s MobileX Conference

One of the great things about Central Ohio is the vibrant innovative community that is a foundation for a tremendous amount of entrepreneurial activity and a corresponding high level of investment available in a variety of forms. An ingredient in our foundation is an ongoing series of events, networking & educational opportunities, and Meetups that seamlessly mix casual and professional.

The MobileX Conference is a great example of this foundation. Spearheaded by Awesome, Inc., based in my hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, MobileX is a five-city technology conference tour designed to provide networking, educational content and opportunity (via a pitch contest). Here's the tour schedule:

One of the best parts of this conference is that fact that it is organized by what some might think of as "outsiders" - i.e. people not from within our own innovation community here in Columbus. Several of us met Luke Murray last fall at a mini-mobile application conference we hosted at The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, and at that time Luke talked about bringing his conference concept to Columbus. We welcomed him with open arms and several of us volunteered to help make it a reality. Instead of "hey, this is our turf", we collectively said, "you are welcome here". The payoff? Several, and among them are: We are anticipating a great conference that highlights some of our local experts and brings other experts into our community; We will likely see some real creativity and potential for new ideas to take off and become viable business opportunities; We'll expand our horizons via an expanded network of friends and people we can call upon for their expertise later. In short, we have an opportunity to grow and to learn, to make our community even better for entrepreneurs and innovators. We also have an opportunity to help Luke and Awesome, Inc. learn what works best and what might need improvement to make this an even better event for the next four cities.

I am proud of our community, our openness, our welcoming nature, our desire to learn and grow - all of the things that contribute to our foundation that enthusiastically supports innovation and entrepreneurialism.

If you can attend, you've still got time to register for what promises to be a great conference. There are no outsiders here.


Visit the MidWest TechBiz blog to learn more about how Rick is helping entrepreneurs in Central Ohio.

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Meet Jon

We are thrilled to have Jon Myers of Jufti as one of the featured speakers at the mobileX conference in Columbus next week.  In this video Sandy Blanquera of Social Boomerang gets the background and a demonstration of the Cornhole Allstars iPhone game from Jon.

For the full story read the Graphic Conversation Blog Post:  Cornhole All-Stars: Making an iPhone Game

Jon Myers - Cornhole AllStars - Jufti from Ben Blanquera on Vimeo.

Source: Local iPhone Innovation - Cornhole Allstars, JoeMetric, 14ninetytwo; Techlife Columbus Blog; 8/24/09


Meet Luke

Last summer Luke Murray of the mobileX conferences sat down with Sandy Blanquera of Social Boomerang to share his vision for the mobileX conference and the possibility of bringing it to Columbus! (Luke describes the Lexington event around the 4:20 mark)

Luke Murray - Awesome Inc from Ben Blanquera on Vimeo.

Source:  Local iPhone Innovation - Cornhole Allstars, JoeMetric, 14ninetytwoTechlife Columbus Blog; 8/24/09


Press Release

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2/15/10 Lexington, KY

Columbus is starting to get recognized for one of its lesser known but rapidly growing cultures - its startup culture.  There are many examples of this, but the most recent is its inclusion in a 5 city mobile technology/entrepreneur conference tour that included cities like Chicago & Atlanta.

MobileX is a series of one day conferences for entrepreneurs, developers, investors, industry professionals, and mobile enthusiasts.  The conference will have keynote presentations, a pitch contest for early stage mobile companies, and four breakout session tracks for the target audiences/topics of “Mobile Developers”, Entrepreneurs/Investors/Enthusiasts”, and “Mobile Marketing”. There will also be a track specifically dedicated to teaching programmers with no iPhone experience how to code for the iPhone. The Columbus conference will take place from 8am-5pm on Thursday March 5th at the Concourse Hotel & Conference Center.

Speakers from around the nation will be flown in to speak on mobile technology trends including the original Facebook Mobile product manager, Noah Kagan. However, especially interesting to the mobileX team was the contribution of the Columbus community to the actual content of the conference.  Luke Murray, one of the conference organizers, commented on this phenomenon:

At all our conferences we try to get the community involved but with Columbus we have as many as half of our speakers not only speaking at this conference but also up at the Chicago conference the very next day.  I have been overwhelmed with how receptive this community has been to such an up-and-coming topic and how many people have pitched in to help”

Rocky Vanbrimmer, one of the local promoters of the conference had this to say about the series

“Things like this (conference) don’t happen on this level outside of Mountain View, CA but they should, especially in a place like Columbus. There are people in this city that are really interested in these topics and want to be informed about them and connected to others in their community that feel the same way.


mobileX is put on by Awesome inc, an organization based out of Lexington, KY that exists to establish, grow, and connect hi-tech, creative, and entrepreneurial communities and companies . Since opening in April 2009 they have had over 3,000 total attendees at 60+ events, including their first mobile technology conference in July of 2009. The Awesome Inc. Mobile miniConference ( the conference was both well attended and well received and was the catalyst and inspiration for the mobileX conference series.  For more schedules, speakers, & other information:


Media Contact:  Luke Murray  (209)-901-5853 348 E Main St. Lexington, KY 40507

MobileX Columbus Press Release in Pdf


Pitch Protection?

In my civic travels to spread the news about @mobileXcols, I was asked this question from Darrah Courter of the Rippling Effect.

Q: If I pitch my company or idea at the MobileX pitch contest, how is my "ownership of the idea" protected?

A: Conference Organizer Luke Murray provides his answer in the comments.

Pitch Application

About the Pitch Contest:

One of the best parts of the mobileX conference is the pitch contest where startup companies (and in many cases, just startup ideas) are pitched to a panel of experts.  The panel will give feedback and the crowd will vote via their phones (of course) and determine the winner - who will receive an iPod touch!

We don't care how far along the idea/company is as long as you're "new". You could have just thought of the idea yesterday or be in your second year of business (no companies older than 3 years...we feel this is about as old as you can be and still call yourself a "startup" especially in the mobile web business). We do care about your ability to talk about it compellingly, intelligently, and succinctly. You'll have 5 minutes to pitch, 3 minutes for Q&A from the judges & perhaps the crowd if there's time. Powerpoint presentations and demos are welcome but not necessary. We will pick no more than 5 applicants and the winner will receive an iPod touch.


Meet Jody

Along with Rocky, I'm helping with digital media both before and at the conference.   I am Jody Dzuranin of  'Words byJody' and if you have read our blog and/or tweets... you have read my words.   Thanks!

The video below is my Casino-Free Columbus News captured Dec 22 using Ustream.  The quality could be improved (low lighting/pixelated), but that's something I can work on at mobileXcols!

Visit ''Six Degrees of Community" Project Dublin to see my video recap of the kickoff event.  I really enjoyed hearing Jared Mahone and his band. Check out their mixtape project and promising integration of social media.