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Lexington, KY
April 15, 2011

MobileX Speaker Profile #1: Sam Soffes

By Jessica Powers

What other 21 year-old transplanted San Franciscan is a developer for Scribd, a musician, a burger enthusiast, and an iOS/Rails software engineer? Sam Soffes, originally from Louisville, is all of the above and working towards more.

Soffes did not attend college and says that it was the “best decision ever.” Curiously, Steve Jobs said the same thing about college and has obviously found success in a multitude of diverse of areas. Soffes seems to be heading in the same direction with the success of a few start-up businesses and an iPhone app (“Bible”) that currently has over 8 million downloads.

As far as inspiration, he’s a regular guy: Twitter and other well-crafted apps are what give him inspiration for creativity and development. He claims that great ideas usually find him in the shower or while he is biking to work.

Soffes has produced music that is definitely worth checking out. He is part of the band Finding Chesterfield which released an EP “A Three Day Walk” in October 2010. He also has a few independent works available for free listening pleasure on his blog. As far as music influences and favorites go, his radio station ranges from Owl City and The Dangerous Summer to Ben Folds and Blink 182.

In a year or two, he plans on starting another company. One can only guess what magnificent results his next endeavor will foster, but with his previous work being of such quality, success is imminent. Soffes will be attending the MobileX conference on April 15, 2011 to present on iOS development and Native Apps.

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