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Lexington, KY
April 15, 2011

mobileX Pitch Contest

Brought to you by Paypal

One of the best parts of the mobileX conference is the pitch contest where startup companies (and in many cases, just startup ideas) are pitched to a panel of experts. The panel will give feedback and the crowd will vote via their phones (of course) and determine the winner - who will receive a $500 directly to their Paypal account!

We don't care how far along the idea/company is as long as you're "new". You could have just thought of the idea yesterday or be in your second year of business (no companies older than 3 years...we feel this is about as old as you can be and still call yourself a "startup"). We do care about your ability to talk about it compellingly, intelligently, and succinctly. You'll have 5 minutes to pitch, 3 minutes for Q&A from the judges & perhaps the crowd if there's time. Powerpoint presentations and demos are welcome but not necessary. We will pick no more than 5 applicants and the winner will receive $500 directly to their Paypal account!

Best of luck and thanks for applying!