mobilex what's next in the mobile world

Lexington, KY April 13th, 2012


Who's behind this?
What should I expect?
How much will this cost?
How can I volunteer for the event?
Will I have access to the Internet during the conference?
What will you learn?

Who's behind this?
After a successful Awesome Inc Mobile miniConference in Lexington in the summer of 2009 and 5 successful conferences in 2010 & 2011, Awesome Inc is pleased to announce the 2012 mobileX Lexington conference.

What should I expect?
Check out this video for a recap of the 2011 event in Lexington...expect 2012 to be even more awesome!

How much will this cost?

Early Bird Registration - $70 (ends 3/23 extended to 3/28)
Standard Registration - $110 (ends 4/9)
Late Registration - $130
Student Price - $60

*** If the cost is a barrier for your attendance, please contact for scholarship opportunities.

*** all tickets include 2 meals ***

*** all attendees are entered to win a free iPad 3***

How can I volunteer for the event?
Event planning, marketing, and promotions opportunities exist. For more information, contact us!

Will I have access to the Internet during the conference?
There will be free wireless internet on-site

What you will learn:
* Who are the hottest up and coming companies & what are they doing?
* Making money in mobile - apps, advertising, infrastructure, text, video, etc. which business models are working?
* How are carriers, manufacturers, and other big brands responding to the opening of platforms?
* Trends and opportunities in the mobile market - including what NOBODY is doing...yet
* Differences in carriers & manufacturers (strategy-wise, app deployment, hardware & software, etc.)
* How will mobile affect YOUR industry?
* What is and isn't getting funded now?
* Social media & mobile - it's more than twitter and facebook.
* How to start a mobile tech company - successes, mistakes, funding, etc.
* How to make a successful app - from idea to deployment to the app store.
* Development tools for the iPhone and other platforms (Android, Palm Pre, RIM)