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Lexington, KY April 13th, 2012


Sean Shadmand

Socialize, Inc

Age: 32

Location: San Francisco, CA

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment:
Created and sold mobile dev shop.
Created AppMakr and Socialize platforms.

Topic: Keynote: "The Loop" - How you're losing customers
Breakout: Neo Ads: In place, acheveivement based, geofenced and banners - Oh My!

About Me: Sean Shadmand is the President and co-founder of Socialize, Inc. Sean established himself in the startup world during the early stages of, one of the largest social networks in the world. He helped grow Tagged from 2 million users to a profitable company with 60 million users. His next step was a more personal endeavor:, a online recipe site he dedicated to his mother. The site pulled in 1 million members and became operationally profitable within its first six months.

In 2008, he transitioned to the mobile industry when he co-founded PointAbout, Inc., a mobile consulting firm based in Washington, D.C. Specializing in iPhone- and Android-based development, PointAbout flourished as a major mobile brand on the east coast and cultivated relationships with such industry leaders as Disney, Newsweek and the United States Army. He sold PointAbout in early 2011.

In 2010, AppMakr disrupted the mobile community. Sean was the visionary behind AppMakr, a fully automated platform for creating native applications. AppMakr was revolutionary in that it was scaled to build thousands of fully native apps a day without any manual intervention. Because of concepts such as build queues, application quality index, app simulation and the ability to download a fully built apps in seconds, AppMakr users could create rich native apps, for free, and submit them under their own brands in the App Store. To date, AppMakr is still the largest no code needed, do-it-yourself app creation site, boasting over 4000 apps in the app market, hundreds of apps created every day, and app creators ranging from Newsweek to The Atlantic Wire to 15-year-old entrepreneurs and helping its users create new businesses off the tool.

Through his experience with AppMakr, Sean saw an opportunity to address a growing engagement and usability problem in the mobile industry. By capitalizing on the new way users consumed apps on their mobile devices, Sean formulated a way to seed and expand a user’s interest graph to provide a cohesive experience, predict future usage and spending, and to help identify and connect a user’s inventory across their multitude of devices. Socialize, Inc. turned those concepts into a product called “Socialize”: a secure social/interest layer SDK for mobile apps that will connect users, bring those users back to an app more regularly, and in turn, help advertisers and publishers in a way that has never been possible before. By using mobile devices and apps as an entry point, Sean hopes to reinvent the mobile experience and correct the dilemma of vertically fragmented devices.

Sean is no stranger to sharing his expertise on the future landscape of technology, mobile and startups/entrepreneurship. He has appeared on Bloomberg TV as a guest expert and was also featured in The Washington Post, Wired, ABC News, Entrepreneur Magazine, FastCompany and TechCrunch. The Washington Post dubbed him a “strategic genius.”


Twitter: @sshadmand

Anthony Hand


Age: 43

Location: Chicago, IL

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment:
Although I think the best is yet to come, I'm extremely proud of the work I did at Motorola. During my years at Motorola in the Android era, I was lead UI designer for the Home Screen, most of the widgets, App Launcher, Contacts, Calendar, Social Networking, and a handful of other features. (Some apps for just a year, others longer.) I learned a ton about Android and the world of a handset OEM in the process.

Topic: Opportunities for Mobile Innovation: A Designer's Perspective

About Me: Anthony Hand is a user experience designer at Samsung Research in Silicon Valley exploring new concepts for mobile apps and services. Mr. Hand has a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction from the Univ. of Michigan and has designed user experiences for all of the major smartphone platforms and mobile Java. Recently, Mr. Hand spent two years at Motorola as the lead UI designer for the Home Screen, most of the widgets, and a handful of other apps and services on their Android devices. While in Chicago, Mr. Hand was chair of Mobile Monday Chicago (, an organization dedicated to professional networking and promoting the mobile industry in Chicago. Notably, Mr. Hand has also worked in Nokia's enterprise software group and two mobile software startups in Boston. Earlier in the decade, Mr. Hand founded a PC software company, FloSpace. In his free time, Mr. Hand promotes and maintains MobileESP (, an open source code library to detect mobile device visitors to web sites. MobileESP is available for PHP, Java, .NET, JavaScript, Ruby and Python.

Twitter: @AnthonyHand

Saranyan Vigraham

PayPal, X.commerce

Age: 31

Location: Austin, TX

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: I run a small mobile meetup in Austin internally inside PayPal.

Topic: Getting your feet wet with Mobile Commerce

About Me: I am an entrepreneur and a developer evangelist for X.commerce. I like solving problems in a simple way. I have a PhD in Computer Science and a degree in Interaction Design and Social Entrepreneurship. Before joining X.commerce, I was dabbling with bunch of startup ideas in semantic search and content curation. Presently, I think of all the ways in which X.commerce could solve open commerce problems. I love to make that happen by connecting with developers and entrepreneurs who share my passion and vision.


Twitter: @saranyan

David Ip

BlueCross and BlueShield

Age: 31

Location: Chicago, IL

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Created and implementing complete mobile strategy for Blue Cross and Blue Shield activating tactics such as native apps, mobile web apps, SMS, 2D Barcodes and integrated advertising.

Executed NFL Superbowl Text-to-Vote campaigns for Sprint and the NFL.

Helped create and execute the inaugural Mobile University Conference and founding member of the Heartland Mobile Council in Chicago.
Topic: Mobile Marketing, Demystifying the Hype

About Me: A mobile marketing and advertising veteran across the entire sales, strategy & implementation cycle.

Prior to BlueCross and BlueShield of Illinois, David was an account director for AOL Mobile Advertising, a mobile marketing evangelist at Arc Worldwide (Leo Burnett) and an account manager at Vibes Media.

David was also a founding member of the Heartland Mobile Council & the Mobile University Conference, a member of MoMo Chicago, Chicago Interactive Marketing Association and the Mobile Marketing Association.


Twitter: @davidshuip

Jeff Blankenburg


Age: 35

Location: Westerville, OH

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: I've written two books on mobile development, and 16 apps, and yet, I hope my biggest mobile accomplishment is yet to come.

Topic: Windows Phone Development

About Me: Ultra passionate. That’s how Jeff Blankenburg describes his relationship with technology. Over the past 10 years, Jeff has enthusiastically applied his technical expertise to build industry-changing websites and marketing efforts for mega brands including Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ford Motor Company, Sony, and several pharmaceutical companies. He’s especially proficient in user interface design, web standards and mobile application development. In addition to his developer evangelist role for Microsoft, Jeff contributed to the O’Reilly title Windows Developer Power Tools on the subject of code validation services, and is the author of Migrating to Windows Phone. He also serves as an organizer for the CodeMash and Stir Trek conferences. On the academic front, Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Ohio’s Bowling Green State University.


Twitter: @jeffblankenburg

Anthony Decena

Appcelerator, Inc.

Age: 30

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment:
Going from beta tester, to developer, to Titan, to Platform Evangelist at Appcelerator, Inc. using the Titanium Platform.

Topic: Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development

About Me: I am Principal and Lead Developer at Mindelusions, Inc. and a Platform Evangelist at Appcelerator, Inc. I help the Titanium community of developers from around the world with their Titanium related projects and development. This includes anything from core Javascript fundamentals to platform specific development as it relates to the Titanium platform.


Twitter: @mindelusions

Jeff Clark


Age: 43

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

Topic: AT&T API Platform

About Me: Jeff Clark has participated in the wide range of telecommunications efforts during his 16 years at AT&T. His experience spans basic wire-line voice services, internet access services, IP based television, and mobile connectivity.

Brendan Lim


Age: 27

Location: Mountain View, CA

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: - Writing a new iOS book for Manning - Created Kicksend for iPhone, one of the first apps that enables true file sharing on the iPhone - Built Mashable apps for iPad and Android which has been downloaded by more than a hundred thousand people - Created one of the first augmented reality iPhone apps

Topic: Kicksend's Y Combinator Experience

About Me: Brendan is a co-founder of Kicksend, a Y Combinator Alumnus (YC S11), Author of MacRuby in Action and an upcoming iOS book from Manning, and a former Partner and Director of Mobile Development at Intridea.


Twitter: @brendanlim

Tony O. Pham


Age: 30

Location: San Francisco, CA

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment:
During the flooding around Memphis in May 2011, we heard from community members that were watching the news who expressed concern for Life360 families that lived in the region. When we looked at our database records, we saw that over 2500 families successfully broadcast location and safety status updates to their networks, even though phone lines were jammed. One customer, Scott Tatum, said to us, “The app was very helpful during the storms and flooding in the Memphis area. I would recommend this app to anybody. My family is very close knit and we like to know that we are all OK during times of trouble.” I'm proud of the fact that Life360 is helping families when it counts most.

Topic: Standing Apart from the Crowd and Connecting with Customers Who Care

About Me: Tony O. Pham is the Vice President of Marketing at Life360 where his responsibilities include user acquisition & engagement, corporate communications and social media. Since he joined the company, Life360 has gained over 12 million people using its family safety app for iPhone and Android (Grand Prize Winner of Google’s Android Developer Challenge).

Not only has Tony cultivated the company’s identity and mission, he has been able to successfully employ mobile and social media as primary channels for interaction with current and prospective customers. A key part of his outreach efforts has been to build out and optimize recurring engagement programs.

Prior to Life360, Tony led community, online and product marketing at Slide, whose social applications reach more than 170 million people per month in over 200 countries. Google acquired Slide for approximately $180 million in 2010. He has been called on by publications including BusinessWeek and USA Today to provide his expert opinion and has spoken at several industry events such as SXSW Interactive and Marketing 2.0. Tony is a graduate of Grinnell College and a Fulbright Scholar.


Twitter: @tonypham

Matthew Snyder

ADObjects, Inc

Age: 48

Location: New York City, NY

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: 1) Ran 1st Fashion Phone Program for Nokia in 1996. #1 selling phone in Japan for 3 months and won the MITI design award.
2) Ran 1st Music Business for Nokia with 3 people. Made 25M USD in Revenue in 1 Year
3) Ran Mobile Search and Advertising Business for Nokia..... Was the guy that created the term "mobile search" in 2003, did the deal with Navteq that led to the $8B aquisition

...... and hopefully the launch of ResponsiveAds will be my great mobile achievement. Coming soon.

Topic: Mobile First in a Multi-Screen World; Responsive Web Design an Advertising

About Me: coming soon


Twitter: @adobjects

Kerry Carter

Former NFL Player
Viva Vision

Age: 31

Location: Kirkland, WA

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Being part of the AT&T Developers summit as validation that our model is solid and progressive. Getting a thumbs up from AT&T CMO David Christopher on our initial UI for the JET App.

Topic: Intersection of Sports and Technology, Mobile Trends for One Person Brands

About Me: I am a strategist and see business as an opportunity to create connections between people that spark new ideas and create synergy to make the world a better place. I do not believe a company should do business with just anyone, but should work with organizations and people whose goals are aligned.

Stanford University '03
4 year NFL Vet, Seattle Seahawks, Washington Redskins
5 year CFL Vet, Montreal Alouettes. Back to Back Grey Cup Champion '09 '10

"The way you do anything is the way you do everything."

Twitter: @kerrycarter8

Josh Silverman


Age: 27

Location: Boston, MA

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: We designed our engineering and deployment processes around staying lean while supporting Android, iOS and web. To do this we turned our web backend into an API to serve two mobile frontends and a web frontend. Using Titanium we also were able to deploy apps for both Android and iOS from one codebase. The result was that a small engineering team of 2 was able to iterate quickly across three frontends without any duplicated code.

Topic: Staying lean while going mobile

About Me: I'm passionate about education and technology.
I began coding tools to become a more effective student when I was in high school and college. After college I became a teacher and continued to develop and prototype learning tools for my students. I believe students should be able to effectively and efficiently learn without struggling to manage when and what to study.
My goal is to help students answer the questions: What should I learn next? What should I review? What information is it important that I remember?
Twitter: @joshsilverman

Karim Varela

Wilshire Media Group

Age: 30

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Performed tech review on upcoming book Pro Android 4.

Topic: Android 4

About Me: Karim Varela, an International Platform Engineer with Wilshire Media Group, has over eight years of mobile application development experience. Through Wilshire Media Group's contract with Cricket Wireless, Karim provides technical direction and support for Cricket's Muve Music Product.

Previously, Karim was the Android Support Lead for the AT&T Developer Program and has held various roles in the mobile games industry ranging from quality assurance and build engineering to porting, and networking engineering.

He also serves as a board member for Java Verified and the Unified Testing Initiative, industry unifying organizations dedicated to improving the quality and usability of mobile applications, as well as the App Developers Conference Advisory Board.

He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of California.


Twitter: @KarimVarela

Christopher Rider

Northern Kentucky University

Age: 40

Location: Highland Heights, KY

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Leading the team that produced the original versions of the Fire Department app for San Ramon Valley Fire District in California. The app uses mobile technology to save lives. The app has led to the creation of the PulsePoint Foundation - this will bring the technology to fire departments across the United States.

Topic: Intro to iOS Programming Workshop

About Me: Chris is a Senior Technical Architect for the Center for Applied Informatics at Northern Kentucky University’s College of Informatics. In this role, Chris is focusing on mobile technology research. Chris is developing software solutions on platforms such as the Apple iPhone, Google Android, RIM Blackberry, and Microsoft Windows Mobile devices. The research will assist regional businesses with technology needs, while giving Informatics students opportunities to apply classroom taught skills to real world scenarios. Chris joined NKU in September of 2008. Prior to joining NKU, he was a Principal Software Engineer at Computer Associates where he developed systems management software for UNIX and Windows platforms. He graduated from NKU with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. He graduated from Cincinnati State with an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Engineering.

Eric Rolf

Northern Kentucky University

Age: 24

Location: Highland Heights, KY

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Nationally covered Fire Department mobile application. The application was a first of its kind in San Ramon Vally California. It is used with the San Ramon Vally Fire Protection District to offer life saving technology and allow faster response time from the community.

Topic: Intro to iOS Programming Workshop

About Me: Graduated from Northern Kentucky University, Bachelors in Computer Information Technology and a Minor in Computer Science. Currently working a Masters Degree in Computer Information Technology with emphasis in Project Management.


Twitter: @xrolfex

Rick Coplin


Age: 48 years young

Location: Columbus, OH

Topic: Investor Panel

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Played key roles in Armada Group ( and the development and use of its iLincs product, one of the first visually-based mobile applications for law enforcement. The company was sold in late 2007. At TechColumbus, Rick has assisted a variety of entrepreneurs in the mobile space to refine concepts, products and business models and has helped to attract and apply early stage, Pre-Seed and Angel funding for several companies.

About Me: Rick is Venture Acceleration Director for TechColumbus. A six year veteran of a mobile startup, Rick now works with entrepreneurs and emerging companies on business formation, commercialization strategies, capital planning and capital acquisition. In addition, Rick collaborates with leaders in several Central Ohio communities on economic development, business attraction & retention and entrepreneurial initiatives. He has a lead role in the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center ( which currently houses over 50 companies. He is also involved with several other community-based entrepreneurial centers and initiatives in the 15 county Central Ohio region. Rick previously was Technology Program Director at Bank One for three years overseeing technology acquisition, development and implementation. Prior to that, he was with Ernst & Young and KPMG Peat Marwick over 8 years. At E&Y, he focused on emerging, entrepreneurial and high growth companies, providing consulting expertise in technology transition, software design, selection & implementation, and business process reengineering. While at KPMG, Rick focused on technology implementation in manufacturing.


Twitter: @RickCoplin

Bill Cunningham

Greater Cincinnati Venture Association

Age: 56

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Hosting MobileX in Cincinnati with the great team at Mobilex.


About Me: Have been immersed in the startup worlds since my first startup in 1991. Prior to that, spent 15 years in tech companies from AT&T to Apple Compuer, primarily in marketing and sales. In the midst of launching a B2B startup (that will have a mobile component evenutally) and serve as the Executive Director of the Greater Cincinnati Venture Association - a group of people who have money and want money and meet monthly to energize the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Twitter: @bcstartup

Randy Stigall

Smartrac RFID

Age: 65

Location: Hebron, KY

Biggest Mobile Accomplishment: Establishing the details of NFC Labels used to launch NFC applications by Google, Narian, ITN Event Management, ISIS, and Microsoft. Google piloted Google Places with NFC. Narian empowers Mom and Pop to launch NFC discounts. ITN uses NFC phones to collect booth traffic at professional technical exhibits. ISIS hosts web content for NFC payment customers. Microsoft uses NFC in training exercises.

Topic: Making an NFC Connection to your Consumer

About Me: I define new applications that use passive RFID as an app launcher and identify precisely the "Things" part of the "Internet of Things". I have worked RFID Standards and most all the emerging applications of RFID such as asset tracking and retail inventory control for the last 11 years since retiring from Procter & Gamble. At Procter & Gamble was involved in R&D, Package Development, and Plant Design.

Bob Saunders

Managing Partner Saunders Murdock & Assoc

Location: Louisville, KY

Topic: Investor Panel

About Me: Saunders has been an important contributing force behind several early stage ventures including:
Stonestreet One, Boardroom Events, IMC Licensing, Backupify, US WorldMeds, Aptamera, Sanbolic, Bioscale, Vivorte, Carrot Medical, NxPharmagen and Source International among others. Saunders was a founding member of MetaCyte, bCatalyst and the Venture Club of Louisville and has been a supporter of several organized angel groups in Kentucky, including Anchorage Angels, the Yearling Fund, the Kentucky Seed Capital Fund, the Enterprise Angels, the Bluegrass Angels and the Louisville Angel Network.